Express Detection : Getting Started

Detect devices, redirect them where you choose, its that easy.

Device Detection Getting Started

Log-in to handset detection, From your main Dashboard page click Sites and from the dropdown menu under your icon select Add Site.

From the Add Site page, Place in basic site details, Such as the Site Name and Site Address.

Once you have done filling up the site details, you can add redirection rules by clicking Add New Rules, redirection rules tell Express Detection which devices you want to detect and where they should be redirected.

Once you’ve Added New Rules, you can now add a rule redirecting All Mobiles or All Tablets and under select Is Mobile, Is, and type true into the final box. Finally, enter the URL where you would like to redirect all devices and click Save

After you’ve saved the system takes you to a Set-up page. Select Express.

Here we have two script choices, copy the ‘Advanced Detector’ scriptlet and paste that into the section of the pages on your website.

Notes about redirection rules : There are two types of redirection rules, match ANY and match ALL rules. For match ANY rules just one rule needs to match for the redirection to take place. For example if you wanted to redirect all mobiles and all tablets to the same url then you would create two match ANY rules. In the match ALL rules case all rules must match for the redirection to take place. For example, lets say you wanted to redirect all mobile devices with a screen size less than 500 pixels then you would create two match ALL rules in the match ALL section, one ‘Is Mobile is true’ rule and one ‘width less than 500’ rule.

Smart Redirection

Smart redirection breaks the redirection loop so that visitors heading from your mobile site, back to your main site, don’t get endlessly redirected back to your mobile site again.

To work its magic Smart Redirection uses the Site Address and the redirection URL. Combined the script can detect where visitors are arriving from and where they should be redirected to, all without cookies !

Note : Smart Redirection is picky about things and the Site Address your enter must match the address of your website. If your website is at then use in the Site Address, if you website is then use in your Site Address.

In most cases smart redirection is a good thing and you want it checked. However, in some cases, such as advanced scripting or when putting together custom redirections it can be handy to turn Smart Redirection off.

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