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Which detection option should I choose ?

Express Detection

Express Detection is our most popular detection option. Its perfect for redirecting mobile visitors to a mobile website, calling out the device type on a webpage or optimizing a redirect based on carrier, location or device properties.

Install Method : Copy and paste a code snippet (javascript) into the <head> section of your web pages and it's job done.

Cloud Detection

Cloud Detection is our medium tech solution. Choose an API Kit, configure it with your access credentials and you're detecting devices. API kits are small footprint and give you full control over the detection process. Simply pass the HTTP headers from your web request to the API kit and it'll pass back the detection results.

Install Method : Use an API kit or make a HTTP request with a cUrl or similar library.

Ultimate Detection

Ultimate Detection is our high tech, high performance detection solution. It uses the same API kits as Cloud Detection, just flicked over into Ultimate (local) mode. Expect performance in the thousands of detections per second range on modest hardware. There are no database dependencies and everything runs completely in memory, so its blazingly fast.

Install Method : Use an API kit via your favourite package manager or grab the API kit from our Github repo.

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Our free Express / Cloud plan has 20,000 detections per month. No credit card required. Upgrade when you're ready. We also have a free Community Edition for Ultimate Detection, our high performance local detection library, which you can build into community open source projects.

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