What's new in API v3 ?

What’s new ?

v3 of our API introduces our new v3 device schema, a high performance matching engine for stand alone applications using ultimate detection and simplified api authentication.

If you’re writing an API kit make sure to read the Pro Tips page for working with API v3.

Web Service Calls

Device and Devices

Device calls reply with information about handsets. Use device calls to get lists of vendors and models for drop down boxes, query for capabilities such as NFC, Wifi or MHL and view specific handset stats.

Use the /apiv3/device endpoint to lookup information about a device or query for specific device information.

Site and Sites

Detection requests happen at the site level. Additionally *ultimate detection* customers may also download the handset database along with the matching rules for performing local detections.

Use the /apiv3/site endpoint to detect devices or download detection datafiles.

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Our free Express / Cloud plan has 20,000 detections per month. No credit card required. Upgrade when you're ready. We also have a free Community Edition for Ultimate Detection, our high performance local detection library, which you can build into community open source projects.

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