v2 API - Overview (deprecated)

API v2 Overview

The Handset Detection API has undergone a few revisions in its life time. The current revision is API 2.0. Slightly more complex than its predecessor it offers improved security, plus a few more features.

Version 2.0 of our API uses X-WSSE. It works with your login email address and a secret (sometimes called a shared secret) from your My Profile page. All web service requests can be made in an XML or JSON format.

To make it even easier we’ve pre made a bunch of API Kits in popular programming languages. The heavy lifting is already done for you! In most cases you can download an API Kit, uncompress it, upload to your server and you’re good to go. You can even try it out before signing up !


There are 5 calls you can make to the detection API : Devices Vendors, Devices Models, Devices Detect and Devices Download. Requests can be made in either JSON or XML format.

All requests share the same request header information, which is a WSSE header plus a Software Token that identifies your software.

If your getting error messages then check the API Messages. It explains what the errors mean, mostly in english 🙂

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