Mobile Browser Detection

Our service deep dives with specific checks for platforms, browsers and applications.

Mobile redirection and mobile content optimization both flow from successful mobile browser detection. Our database of mobile browsers is, some days, growing by 100 new devices and device variations per day. Which, when you think of it, is a staggering number. New devices, device updates, software updates all contribute to new variations. The kicker, of course, is that if you’re working with mobile then its impossible to reliably detect devices with a static script.

Which is why you need a detection service to take care of that pain. A service that’s updating itself 24 x 7, constantly monitored and groomed. That’s why we created Handset Detection.

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Our free Express / Cloud plan has 20,000 detections per month. No credit card required. Upgrade when you're ready. We also have a free Community Edition for Ultimate Detection, our high performance local detection library, which you can build into community open source projects.

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