Happy Customers

A few kind words from some of our happy customers.

Happy Customers

The service I’ve received from Richard and the Handset Detection team has exceeded every expectation. These guys are serious about their work, and it shows in their dedication to pursuing a challenge until the best solution is found. Thanks for making my job easier!

Ryan Tomberlin
RST Media Management

Awesome, Richard. Thanks for the generosity, and for the excellent service.

Peter Chen

A big Thank You to Richard Uren and the Handset Detection team. We needed a mobile redirection for one of our websites, however our hosting server was using PHP4. Within 24-hours, Richard had created an application that was compatible with PHP4 and now we have one domain for mobile and desktop use. I was very impressed with the dedicated and fast service!

Thanks again

Allen Edwards
Executive Member, AEU Media Group, LLC

Wow, instantly redirected! thanks so much, Im very excited about use this service, thanks again!

Seth Johnson

We had issues with our html code. Some stray bit of code was preventing the redirect from happening. On top of that our patients were complaining that they couldn’t see our site on their gadgets. When I talked to Richard at Handset Detection, he walked me through on Skype and literally had the bug fixed in minutes. These guys are a class act. And I highly recommend them if you need to get your mobile site seen.

C. Silvermann
The Union Collective

Thanks a million for this. I created a website for my Tax Class at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles (tax.carolon.net). The site contains Flash animations that won’t play on iPhones, iPads or most other mobile devices. I’m using Handset Detection to redirect my iPad/iPhone-using students to a site that links static “poster” images to YouTube. Handset Detection works great!

Lon Sobel

Handsetdetection.com takes the hassle out of redirecting visitors to a mobile website. It’s cheap, easy to use and allows virtually zero maintenance. I really wanted to say I would recommend but honestly I won’t simply because I do not want my competitors to find this gem of a website! Keep up the good work!

Luke Daly
Plus Internet

This makes my job too easy! Very slick – anyone can do this.

Rob Williams
Cedar Hill, Missouri – US

I have to applaud you (& the company) for all of your time with my individual issue. It is now working flawlessly. Thank you for all your help and time.

Web Designer

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are awesome, and now I owe you a beer or 2 ????

Andrew Pitts

Richard (and Support Ninja’s) – Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help on this – I set up the “sites” beta and within 5 min. our mobile redirect was setup and working perfectly. Thanks again for your help – great customer service and awesome product!!

Purple Haze, Inc.

I just wanted to send you all a quick message. I have only been using your services for a little while now, but I must say that it’s been quite amazing. Everything from the UI to the design of your site has been very well executed. Thank you for what you’re doing and for doing it so well.

Frank Burelle

Thank you so much for your help. It’s working. You’re a legend. 🙂

Web Developer

Our Lead Developer chose to go with Handset Detection when we decided to build a mobile optimized version of Ez Texting. Using The PHP API Kit saved us months of development time up front, and countless headaches down the road maintaining our own user agent database. Hundreds of thousands of detections and redirections later and we can’t be happier – everyone loves the stats too. Recently we had a minor billing hiccup. We’re in New York and the HD team is in Australia yet the customer service response was fast and flexible – reminding us that we made the right choice.

Shane Neman
Ez Texting SMS Marketing

How much money am I losing by not displaying my website correctly across mobile devices?” That’s the question I asked myself before discovering the Handset Detection software. In just a few minutes I was up and running and on my way to making more money from each mobile visitor. Thanks!

Josh Wexelbaum

I am astonished at your level of service. I will make sure I mention that when I refer people to you.


Mary Ellen Slater

Richard, I just want to let you know that you are providing an excellent service and I am really thankful that you took the time to look at my problem.

Art Director / Web Designer, MultiPhone L.A. / Miami / U.S.A

You see, it’s amazing customer service like this that makes me want to give you as much business as possible (I’m going to try my hardest to make that happen). Thank you for the outstanding support.

Steven Varjabedian
Interactive Director, Triple Frog LLC

Handset Detection is hands down the best detection service that you can find. Amazing customer service and a simple to use product, if you need any type of handset detection, look no further.

Kray Mitchell
Web Designer

I just gotta say awesome! This is great.

Sam Morris
Everbadge LLC

We have been repeatedly impressed by Richard’s genuine desire to help his customers with all of their mobile troubleshooting needs. Even when our issue was indirectly related to handset detection, he proactively helped us seek the best solution in a timely and professional manner by offering personalized assistance via web chat and email support. I can’t say enough about the great customer service we have experienced with Handset Detection!

Andrew Baker
User-Experience Developer , KARSHHAGAN

We have been nothing but happy with the service! It was easy to implement and certainly something that has been reliable and I don’t have to think or worry about at all (which is my favorite part!)


Lauren Perley
Account Manager, Apollo Interactive, Inc.

I had chance to test out your mobile redirect application and your product is amazing! Brilliant work! I’ll be recommending it to my clients.

Derrick Freeman
Freeman Compression Inc

I want to personally thank you for being so attentive. Your customer support is every bit as good as the testimonials on the site say it is. You are providing a much needed service. I hope you are tremendously successful with it. If you were closer I would buy you a beer. Since you aren’t I think I will have a Foster’s and toast you!

Gary Hutchison

oh WOW!!!!! I GET IT NOW!!! WOOHOOO… David will love this! Thank you sooo much Richard! This is AWESOME! Thank you SOO much for your one on one help!!! I cant appreciate that more!!!! I will highly recommend you and your website!! Thanks so much!

Web Designer for David Copperfield

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