Cloud Detection

Industrial strength phone and tablet detection, ready to plumb right into your application.

Detect everything, easily

Our detection library has tens of thousands of devices, as well as hundreds of operating systems, browsers and apps. See the full list at the Devices page.

We also have pre-made API kits for popular programming languages over at our public Git Hub repo.

API Kits
Cloud Detection

HTTP Header and Build Info Detection

Detect devices with either HTTP headers or device build information. HTTP headers are prefect for detecting devices on websites or web environments. Build information is perfect for detecting devices from inside your mobile, or native app. Which ever method you need we've got you covered.


Real time analytics help you keep on top of what devices your customers are using, and where they're using them from. Interested in which devices people on AT&T are using ? Want to know your customers most popular tablet ? Or the most popular platform in India ? Our analytics can answer all those questions.


Analytics now has MapView ! Our maps mashup plots your customers in real time on a map. Watch who's on your website in real time, or play back through your history to better understand and visualize which devices your customers are using, and from where.

Geo Located Servers

We've got servers spread right across the world which keeps our service fast and reliable. Its also backed by 24 x 7 server monitoring from multiple locations. If there's ever a problem we want to know about it first.

Continual Updates

We have tens of thousands of devices in our database and are currently growing at about 1000 new devices per month. The beauty of this solution is that you're always up to date. Say goodbye to constantly updating scripts and code when new devices are released - Yay.

High Accuracy

We don't rely simply on the operating system or browser that shipped with the device. We deep dive with additional checks to get the real picture of what operating system, and browser a device might be running. This provides the most accurate information available.

White Label Portal

Professional and higher level plans also have a white label portal option. Manage clients, and fully customise the experience on one of our white label domains. Perfect for agencies and resellers.

Our portal page builder lets you add javascript to existing pages, create custom pages and integrate external resources into the portal.

Fully Supported

Standard business hours support is provided on all accounts. Enterprise and higher level plans (including Ultimate Max) have the option of 24 x 7 support with a 4 hour SLA.

We still often answer tickets & email outside of business hours too. :-)

Happy Customers

Millions of customers each day touch our software right around the world. Its used in everything from major IT infrastructure right down to small websites with a few hundred requests per month.

Read more about our happy customers at the happy customers page.

Get Started Today

Our free Express / Cloud plan has 20,000 detections per month. No credit card required. Upgrade when you're ready. We also have a free Community Edition for Ultimate Detection, our high performance local detection library, which you can build into community open source projects.

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