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Everything. Every browser, platform, phone, tablet, computer (laptop, desktop, notebook), smart tv, sensors and more. Now detecting mobile apps too !

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The most comprehensive detection solution anywhere !

Tens of thousands of devices ! Our device list covers tablets, phones, computers (laptops, desktops, notebooks, netbooks), smart tv’s, sensors and more. We’re also not only limited to just devices. Our detection engine can pick up operating systems (platforms), browsers, and mobile apps.


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Our three products (Express, Cloud and Ultimate) all have different features sets and while the core detection technology is the same, how you use them is quite different.Express Detection gets you started super quick : Configuration is via our wizard, paste a code snippet into your pages and you’re done. Cloud Detection is a bit more technical, it involves using an API kit to query our detection servers. With cloud detection, you have full control to script any desired action. Ultimate Detection is super high performance and runs the whole shebang stand alone on your server(s).

The major differences between the products are highlighted in the table below.

Handset Detection Products and Services

Express Detection

You'll be up and running in 5 minutes with express detection. Its as easy as copy and paste. Configure redirection rules with our widget for devices, device classes, vendors, screen size, you name it. Express detection comes with analytics, and an unlimited number of sites. Higher level plans also come with a fully rebrandable while label portal, user management and external page integration.

Express detection is perfect for managing app store and mobile website redirects, working with javascripts (like Modernizer) or calling out detection results in pages. Its also free to get started.

Cloud Detection

Harness the power of our API to detect devices, platforms, browsers and apps.

Cloud detection requires an intermediate level of technical skill. You'll need to grab an API Kit, and configure it with access credentials to start detecting. Cloud detection comes with analytics, and an unlimited number of sites. Higher level plans come with a white label portal and user management.

Cloud detection is perfect when you need to integrate detection results into a web app. Examples include customer dashboards, analytics products and content optimization.

Ultimate Detection

Ultimate detection is a stand alone, high performance, detection system. Designed for exacting real-time applications such as real time bidding systems, ad serving super high detection volumes.

We provide our entire device database (over 22,000 devices), and matching rules for operating systems, browsers and apps. The download is updated daily for your downloading pleasure.

All ultimate plans can detect devices based on HTTP headers. Ultimate Max and Ultimate Device plans can also detect devices based on device build information.

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Our free Express / Cloud plan has 20,000 detections per month. No credit card required. Upgrade when you're ready. We also have a free Community Edition for Ultimate Detection, our high performance local detection library, which you can build into community open source projects.

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