Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot Device Specifications

Device detection for developers ! We help developers detect and work with tens of thousands of devices, and millions of device combinations. Detect devices from user-agents and other http headers on your website, or from device build information inside your app. Our device database covers tablets, phones, computers (laptops, desktops, notebooks, netbooks), smart tv's, sensors and more. If it has a user-agent we can detect it! :-) Our detection engine can also classify operating systems (platforms), browsers, and apps. Detection information for Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot is listed below.

Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot General Information

general vendor
Device Manufacturer
Tixik SRO
general model
Model Name
SafeAds XYZ Bot
general aliases
Additional names this device is known by

String CSV (most common name first)
general type
Device type
String (eg Tablet, Mobile, Computer etc..)
general battery
Battery Information

String CSV
general cpu
CPU and Chip information

String CSV
general eusar
Device SAR measured at head

general platform
Operating system name

general platform version
Operating system version initially shipped with the device

general platform version max
Highest supported operating system version (End of life devices only)

Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot Device Specifications

Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot Design Information

design antenna
Antenna position

design dimensions
Device Dimensions in mm

Number x Number x Number
design formfactor
The shape of this device

design keyboard
The keyboard type

String CSV (some devices may have a touch screen and keypad)
design sidekeys
Keys on the side of this device

String CSV
design softkeys
Virtual keys

design weight
Weight in grams


Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot Display Information

display color
Is this screen color ?

Yes or No
display colors
Number of supported colors

String (eg 262K, 262144)
display other
Other characteristics of this display

String CSV
display pixel ratio
Native device pixel ratio
Number (eg 1.00, 1, 1.33 etc..)
display css screen sizes
Reported css screen sizes.

String CSV (eg 320x480, 414x736)
display ppi
Display pixels per inch
display size
Diagonal size of the display in inches

display type
Display technology

display x
Number of horizontal pixels
display y
Number of vertical pixels

Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot Media Information

media audio
Audio Formats

String CSV
media camera
Primary Camera Details

String CSV
media other
Other media information

String CSV
media secondcamera
Secondary Camera Details

String CSV
media videocapture
Video Capture Information

String CSV
media videoplayback
Video Formats

String CSV

Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot Other Information

List of all connectors

String CSV
Communications Networks

String CSV
Any special features

String CSV
memory internal
Internal Memory

String CSV
memory slot
Memory Slot Technology

String CSV

Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot Benchmark Information

benchmark max
Micro benchmark maximum result.
benchmark min
Micro benchmark minumum result.

Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot Top User-Agent / Build Information Headers

User-Agent / Build Information Headers

user-agent SafeAds.xyz bot
Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot
user-agent SafeAds.xyz bot/
Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot
Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot user-agents and build information are listed in order of popularity.

Detect Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot devices with Handset Detection. Updates to Tixik SRO SafeAds XYZ Bot browser user-agents and build information (using android build.prop info on android and other native build information on other platforms) are automatically added to our device database.

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