Web Design for the IoT Generation

By David Manjra in web design

Web design used to be a simple affair. Code it up, load it up, sit back and enjoy the traffic. [takes sip of martini] But over the last 12 years. It has become more and more complicated. Mainly because of the rise in the number and types of devices which are now web enabled. In 2007, the first iphone brought with it, the ability to browse websites in desktop mode – ground breaking at the time.

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Website Device Detection

By David Manjra in Interesting

We all share the same objective – To create the very best user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for our website visitors. In recent years, websites have been able to offer simple viewing adjustments, known as responsive sites, which makes slight adjustments to the site layout depending on what device is viewing – but it is basic and extremely limited. There is a better way. An enterprise grade way of ensuring the very best experience for users.

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