Real insight into what types of devices are browsing your site – right now!

Get realtime insight into the devices viewing your website

Real insight into what types of devices are browsing your site – right now! analytics – the low down.

The platform is used by some of the very largest digital businesses and agencies to enable customised user content (and experience) to enable the very best engagement with each visitor to websites and other digital environments.

But there is so much more.

You have probably seen the handsetdetection dashboard, visible when you log in. Once you have connected individual sites to the service, there is a click through to site-specific analytics – and that’s when you start to get in-depth information about the devices currently browsing your site. Live, real time data on device type, browser type, handset/device manufacturer, screen size and OS.

With this information, you can instantly start to understand the priorities for content customisation. For example, and as we know, certain mobile OS platforms are more compatible than others when it comes to ‘hover over’ site features and pop up information boxes. Knowing the device allows you to deliver the right environment – critically important for shopping cart and other e-commerce environments.

Also, from a UI point of view, if you learn that a high percentage of your web traffic comes from smart TVs, a navigation system which is more compatible with a remote control would be a serious consideration.

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By David Manjra | January 25, 2018

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