About Us

Founded 2008 • Tens of thousands of devices • Billions of detections • Going strong

A brief timeline of the major milestones in Handset Detection's life. Its been a fun journey so far and we look forward to many more years of innovation to come.

  1. November 2016

    November 2016

    Global Expansion Continues

    Points of presence expanded to include Oceania. Global locations now include Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.

  2. September 2015

    September 2015

    Community Edition

    Community Edition released. Detection engine expanded for App detection.

  3. June 2014

    June 2014

    Handset Detection v4

    Detection engine expanded for Platform and Browser detection.

  4. May 2012

    May 2012

    One Billion Served

    This week our web service served its Billionth detection ! Hooray.

  5. January 2012

    January 2012

    Handset Detection v3

    Our detection engine is completely overhauled for performance.

  6. February 2010

    February 2010

    Cashflow Positive !

    Handset Detections most significant milestone thus far ! Cashflow positive.

  7. July 2009

    July 2009

    Pro Launch with v2

    Handset Detection running live in close to 1000 active websites. Pricing released. Lets take this thing pro !

  8. May 2008

    May 2008

    Beta Launch with v1

    Handset Detection was running live in a few client websites and we were finally ready for public consumption.

  9. February 2008

    February 2008

    An idea is born

    Handset Detection began life as an idea in 2008 with two founders, David Manjra and Richard Uren. One day, out of the blue, David turned to me and said, 'You know what Richard, This would make a great web service'. The wheels start turning !

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