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Welcome to the Resources Pages

These pages give you a technical overview on how to get started detecting devices using our service.

We have 3 options for device detection, Express Detection, Cloud Detection and Ultimate Detection.

Express Detection

Express Detection is our most popular detection option. Its perfect for redirecting mobile visitors to a mobile website, calling out the device type on a webpage or optimizing a redirect based on carrier, location or device properties. There’s no server scripts or complicated setup. Tick a few boxes, fill out a field, then copy and paste a code snippet (javascript) into the <head> section of your web pages. Job Done. For more information see the Express Detection Getting Started page.

Cloud Detection

Cloud Detection is our medium tech solution. Choose an API Kit, configure it with your access credentials and you’re detecting devices. API kits are small footprint and give you full control over the detection process. Simply pass the HTTP headers from your web request to the API kit and it’ll pass back the detection results.

Ultimate Detection

Ultimate Detection is our high tech, high performance detection solution. It uses the same API kits as Cloud Detection, just flicked over into Ultimate (local) mode. Expect performance in the thousands of detections per second range on modest hardware. There are no database dependencies and everything runs completely in memory, so its blazingly fast.

All our services contain enhanced checks for device type, operating system (platform) and browser. So we’ll dig deep into the information we have to ensure our results are as accurate as possible.

If you need a hand choosing the right option for you then reach out and we’ll be happy to help. If you’re logging a support request please include your website URL, mobile site URL and Handset Detection account email address, along with a description of the problem.