Mobile Device Database

Detect Fast and Detect True !
Our Mobile device Device Database : The core of our service

Since 2008 we’ve been detecting and identifying devices. Common uses for our service include sending the right app to the right handset, optimizing content and redirecting web visitors to mobile or tablet specific websites.

While static detection scripts seem to offer an easy win initially. Over time, as new devices emerge (over 1000 new devices per month), static scripts become out of date. Tablets will be treated as handsets or not picked up at all and user experience will suffer.

Which is why we made Handset Detection. To scratch that itch. 🙂

So why not use our device database. We have tens of thousands of device profiles with tens of millions of device combinations. You can run stand alone (with Ultimate Detection), or using one of our detection services (via Express Detection or Cloud Detection).

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