Features Overview

Express, Cloud or Ultimate ? Read on to find out which option is best for you.

Rock Solid Device Detection

Mobile device and tablet detection is tricky and time consuming. Not only because there’s tens of thousands of mobile phones out there, all slightly different, but also because the devices themselves are constantly changing. Vendor updates, local customizations, proxy servers and odd carrier transcoders also add to the hassle.

So we created Handset Detection, to take the pain out of device detection. Leave your device detection to us, and get back to something more important.



Be up and running in 5 minutes with express detection. Its as easy as copy and paste. Optionally configure redirection rules for devices, device classes, vendors, screen size, you name it. Backed up by awesome mobile analytic and super helpful support.


Looking to integrate a little deeper ? Then tap into our detection API. We have pre made API Kits in a variety of languages to choose from. Like express, cloud comes with awesome mobile analytics and super helpful support.


Need to run the whole box and dice on your own servers ? Then Ultimate Detection is for you. Ultimate uses the same API Kits as cloud with a few local data files. There is no database dependency and everything runs completely in memory so its blazingly fast.

Handset Detection has three different deteciton products, ExpressCloud and Ultimate. Express Detection gets you started super quick, paste a code snippet into your pages and you’re done. Cloud Detection involves using an API kit query our detection servers. Ultimate Detection runs the whole box and dice on your own servers.

The major differences between the products are highlighted in the table below.

If you’re redirecting mobile devices to mobile websites, building mobile websites or delivering mobile content (wallpapers, ringtones, icons, video etc..) then Handset Detection is built FOR YOU.