Frequently Asked Questions ... Some of them anyhow :)
What is Handset Detection all about ?

We built Handset Detection to keep you to date with all the devices on the internet. You can read more about the why and how on the About Us page.

Why do I need Handset Detection ?

We detect devices – tablets, handsets, TVs, computers (laptops, desktops, notebooks) and more. It turns out this can be really handy where you want to change how your website behaves to a device or class of devices. Its great for content adaption, streaming, ad serving, fraud detection, analytics, and many other real-time uses.

How accurate is the information ?

We maintain our own independent device database, backed by a data entry team that uses a double entry device system with a 3rd person verifying entries are correct. None of our data is scraped. We go the extra mile to get things right and we think it shows in our data set.

Why are there so many devices ?

Good question. Companies keep making new and sometimes even better devices ! Some devices conform to standards, some mostly do, others don’t at all. Also some devices have multiple versions of software as vendors fix bugs and release updates. As of September 2015 we have over 20,000 devices in our database.

How do I use Handset Detection in my website ?

There’s a few different ways to use our service. Express is the easiest method to get started with (copy and paste a code snippet into your web pages). If you’re looking for something a little more advanced then Cloud or Ultimate might be the best fit. See the Features page to work out which product is right for you.

What are the system requirements ?

You’ll need a website or some way to script web service requests to our service. Our API is very light weight, so you should be up and running very quickly.

In which countries is this available ?

We are available in all countries. Our service is running 24 x 7 right around the globe. We have multiple data centres on different continents to ensure the service stays snappy and provides high availability points of failover in case disaster strikes.

How do I get 24 x 7 support ?

Accounts with high level plans have 24 x 7 emergency support. To get a hold of us any time of the day or night you’ll need to login to the Help Desk and lodge an URGENT ticket. This will page the on-duty tech to respond to your issue. Please place as much detail as possible in the ticket along with your contact information.

I found a bug ! How do i report that ?

Please report any bugs to hello@handsetdetection.com or lodge them at our Help Desk. Thanks.

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