Richard was featured in DoesWhat this week.

Richard was featured in DoesWhat this week.

Richard was featured on this week.  Does What interviews principles in some of the leading tech companies today.

Richard Uren spoke about his history working on the development of mobile apps for devices and websites, and his initial inspiration in creating Handset Detection.  “To deliver apps and experiences that worked great on different handsets we kept building this device detection building block over and over again. Then new handsets would come out and we would be updating dozens of builds all around the place…Having that device detection build block managed by a central service scratched that itch for us so it seemed a great candidate for a web service”

He also got a chance to make DoesWhat’s readers aware about our new HD3 detection system. “Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. There is a revamped schema, about a 100x speedup in device detection (no database, fully in memory) and a local detection option : where you can download our database, detection rules and use an api kit to perform detections locally, plus a swag of stats updates going live in April/May.”

Richard made the point that the future is bright for the industry — “the explosion of internet enabled devices is pretty exciting.”

Visit for the whole interview, and don’t forget - If you want to get on the HD3 advance notice list simply drop us an email.

Happy Detecting!

By Richard Uren | April 10, 2012

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