Firefox User-Agent-Switcher – Excellent for mobile website testing!

Last week I discovered an excellent tool for mobile website testing. Its the Firefox User-Agent-Switcher extension by Chris Pederick.  Its so simple to use.

  1. Install the Firefox extension.
  2. Browse over to the Handset Detection device list, select a device (eg Nokia N95) and copy one of the user-agents.
  3. From the Firefox menu, Select Tools >> User Agent Switcher >> Options >> Options
  4. Click User Agents the Click Add
  5. In description put ‘Nokia N95′ and paste your user-agent into the user agent field.

Now all you need to do, for Firefox to mimic a Nokia N95, is select Tools >> User Agent Switcher >> Nokia N95. Viola ! Your website will now think you’re browsing from a Nokia N95.


  1. What about blackberry user agent detection, there are no devices listed?

  2. ignore my previous comment, just realized it’s listed under RIM

  3. very nice it worked for my nokia 6700 classic in website like

  4. gr8 one!!Thnks


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