Should Handset Detection Accept BitCoins?

Earlier this year we surveyed our users about how we could improve Handset Detection. But perhaps we forgot the million-coin question:

Should Handset Detection accept BitCoins?

Is there a demand out there from our users? Are many of you busily mining and trading BitCoins? Is so, why? If not, why not?

From what we can see, BitCoin has distinct advantages:

  • Anonymity – No banks or overzealous payments processors are involved, meaning you could join the ranks of our free plan customers using Handset Detection as anonymously as you please.bitcoin
  • Lower Fees – With no banks involved transaction fees are lower and there’s no chance of a chargeback. On the other hand, this doesn’t affect our end user. A large segment of our users would have to start paying with BitCoins for us to see a significant difference in payment processing fees.
  • BitCoins Know No Boundaries – No currency exchanges, no regulation. On the other hand, BitCoin values have fluctuated heavily throughout the currency’s rather short life.   

On the other hand, nasty DDOS attacks, fluctuations, the shut down of at least one major exchange, and few mainstream places to spend BitCoins (for now) are disadvantages. Of course, if companies like Handset Detection – admittedly not Starbucks – begin accepting BitCoins will the snowflake turn into a snowball?

Or perhaps the reason we should accept BitCoins are this, so elegantly enumerated by John Biggs in his TechCrunch article:

“The world needs BitCoins to exist, even if the mass of humanity doesn’t use it. The goal of the currency is to disassociate the old methods of money transfer and to allow people true freedom in their ability to transmit value from one person to the next. A poor grandmother in the home village could receive money quickly and easily from the grandchildren without resorting to fees and trips to Western Union. Those on the move could hold their money in an account that is as liquid as quicksilver, allowing them to perform fee-free transactions anywhere. Refugees would no longer have to carry gold and instead could carry bitcoin. The utopian possibilities are, in a sense, endless.”

Vote in the comments or by sending us a Tweet or Facebook message. Do you want Handset Detection to begin accepting BitCoins?

Image via BitCoin on Twitter

Gorilla Marketing

At Handset Detection we don’t mind a little monkey business. So, last thursday, when I found out AIMIA (the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association) had its annual awards night right here in Melbourne it was an opportunity too good to pass up. What better way to reach the heads of digital and interactive luminaries from around the country than to conduct a little gorilla marketing. :-)

The plan : 1 Man, 1 Gorilla suit and cards. Straight forward really.

Tragically the main thrust was thwarted by Melbourne traffic, arriving late on the scene after the bulk of awards goers has entered the building. However, I did get to chat to a few people and hand out quite a few cards. Fairly early on (like right as we arrived) security suggested that I was uninvited (really ??) and that I should move back off the premises. Fortunately the layout meant that people had to access the venue from the road where they would pass by us. And who can pass by a waving gorilla ?

Moral of the story : Allow for bad traffic and get there early ! :-)

It was all over pretty quickly and all in all some good fun. We’ll keep an eye on traffic over the next few days and see if it generates any web traffic.

In other news congratulations to the AIMIA winners on their achievements and awards.

  • Best Advertising or Marketing Ask Richard, Naked Communications & Frank PR

Party on down at SxSW

We’re hosting a massive party with our most excellent peers from The Small Business Web at SxSW this year, in fact next week !

Come along, meet us, meet some of our friends (BatchBook, FreshBooks, FormSpring, MailChimp, Outright, Rackspace Email & Apps, Shipwire, Shoeboxed, SurveyGizmo,, Wufoo) and have a beer (or 3) on us.

One thing, due to the licensing regulations in Austin we need you to drop your name(s) into this form.

4-7pm Saturday, March 13
The Pure Volume House at 504 Trinity St, Austin, TX.

Would be great to see you there.