May 2014: Who’s Droiding It Up?

There are a vast variety of different Android models and unique devices out there. Between all the tablets and phones with all sorts of specs and screen sizes it’s hard to tell who has what and where, especially if you’re looking for specifics.

Here at Handset Detection, though, our database affords us a wealth of knowledge, and we thought we would share it with you. This infographic will give you an idea just how many Androids are out there and which countries are using which kind of devices. It’s an update of last year’s infographic, which showed Where in the World Android Devices Were Showing Up in 2013.

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android models_rev3

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Mobile Breaking News You May Have Missed, May 2014

What You Might Have Missed in Mobile This Month

More or less a low-key month, May was still full of rumors, releases, and some pretty big developments and announcements. Some of these might blow your mind, like Google’s driverless car announcement, or one study that contradicts what most people think about mobile shopping. Even if they don’t blow your mind, here’s the wrap-up of all the mobile news you missed in May anyway!

1. T-Mobile Customers Enjoying No Contracts

Makes sense, right? Who wants to be tied down? Turns out 2.4 million MORE customers don’t, as they hopped over to T-Mobile’s new no contract plans. Is this the mobile future?

2. eBay Cyber Attack

Another day, another cyber attack, this time on eBay. Eventually we’ll get to the point where passwords are just a thing of the past – it’s almost inevitable at this point.

3. Mobile Devices Affect In-Store Shopping

But not in the way you think! Turns out mobile users increase their brick & mortar shopping the more they use their devices, not the other way around. The Gallup poll was a big surprise and has to make everyone wonder about the future direction of mcommerce.

4. Driverless Cars

Still not sure if we live in the future or not? Google is about to start testing their driverless cars in September of this year. They won’t have steering wheels and just will simply have a map so you can pick where you want to go.

5. Phablets Winning

Tablets are on the way out, at least according to data from IDC. Large screen phones are grabbing more and more of the market share and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

6. Wi-Fi Network in the Cloud

Google is working with Ruckus Wireless to create a large scale network to connect hundreds of thousands of wireless nodes. Could this bet the next logical step after Fiber?

7. IT Spending Growth Cuts

The earlier mentioned tablet sales slump has actually created a problem elsewhere: IT spending budgets as a whole. IDC predicts a growth of only 4.1% rather than 4.6% – still a fine number, but not as impressive as years past.

8. Tweaking with Phones

Love tinkering and changing your phone’s features? Then Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is right up your alley. It comes in a “tweaker friendly” Verizon model, letting you customize it the way you see fit. Kind of like going to a frozen yogurt bar, if you don’t like what you get, it’s mostly your fault!

9. Big Data

The healthcare industry is hoping Big Data will help improve and streamline everything from hospitals to insurance. While this type of thing was mainly only used by big corporations, developments have made it easier for smaller organizations to get hold of this data.

10. Phone Addiction

Are you addicted to your phone? Of course you are. How best to solve this? Naturally, with a phone app.

Did we miss  anything? Share your mobile news in the comments!

Handset Detection Helps R2 with Webcasting

Use Handset Detection to Make More Mobile SalesAt Handset Detection, we often wonder how people and businesses are using our service. Often we hear that a business is using the detection service to find out what kind of phones and tablets their customers are using so they can better serve them. Others use Handset Detection to come up with device-specific features. While these stories are fun, it’s always great to hear how someone is using Handset Detection in brand new ways.

Consider the case of R2, a professional webcasting service based out of New Zealand. They not only stream shows online but also produce them as well; they even have a truck specifically designed for webcast production. It’s a company you would expect in this modern day and age and probably one we’ll see more of in the future.

But owner Richard Naylor had a big problem. His customers were watching these streams on a ton of different devices, each with its own bit rate and format to suit the device and connection speeds. On top of that, viewers are watching from around the world.

“It’s not too hard to plug a camera into a PC and make a web video using a web service such as,” Naylor says. “But to do it at a professional level with fully redundant links, full media asset control and in some unusual locations stretches a few of them.

“For many years a windows PC was pretty well the only thing. Now there are PCs, Macs, phones, tablets and TVs connected via different methods such as Roku, AppleTV, Kindle Fire, etc. So we used to simply offer users a small menu to select the device or type of device they were using.”

Of course this isn’t ideal. Viewers don’t want a lot of hassle when they sign in to watch a simple video. They want to load the feed and watch it with as little as interference as possible. This can even make the difference between a webstream succeeding or failing, which can be a nightmare if you’re producing your own material like R2 is.

Luckily, a broadcaster friend found and recommended Handset Detection to Richard.

“When a viewer comes to watch a live video event,” he says, “we detect their device and switch them to a web page that contains the webstream that works for their device. Handset Detection allows us to be more elegant and hide the complexity from viewers.

“We want them to simply go to a web link and get live video. HD allows us to do that.”

The webcasting world is getting bigger and more complicated, even as viewers and companies alike strive for simplicity. R2 is struggling to keep up with smart TVs, 3000 variations of Android devices alone, and constant upgrades in a digital world that could damage their bottom line.

So we’re glad we can make Richard and his employees’ lives that much easier by streamlining the process. It’s not a use we dreamed of when we started Handset Detection, but that’s what makes it all the more exciting.

Happy detecting!

Mobile Breaking News You May Have Missed, April 2014

What You Might Have Missed in Mobile This Month

Another crazy month for mobile! Research, rumors, redesigns, and all sorts of other words that start with R – including one RIP. A few standout surprises, too, so make sure you click through and read each one. Then tell us which story you think will have the most impact this year as we move forward! 

1. Blackberry Update

Still not giving up, Blackberry unveiled its newest update: 10.2.1, bringing automatic app updates, new device manager, and many other upgrades. But is it enough to save the floundering brand?

2. Automatic iPhone Shut-Off

Are you one of the few people who still text and drive? If so, the next iPhone might change that. A recent patent filed would kill the iPhone if you’re in the driver’s seat of a moving vehicle. This could save many lives every year.

3. T-Mobile Building Stronger Network

While many companies speak of making their networks as fast as possible, T-Mobile instead is focusing on one that is less prone to problems. Look for the new network to hit later this year. Could this be the start of a new mobile trend?

4. Google Ara

Always thought you would be able to make the best smartphone for your own tastes? Now you can, or you will soon when Project Ara comes around. Starting in January, Google’s newest invention lets you create your own smartphone with interchangeable modules.

5. Unlock by Proximity

Forget messy passwords – in the wake of Heartbleed new tech is coming to the forefront. One such ability is Chromebooks automatic unlocking when your linked smartphone is nearby. They’re also working on cryptographic cards that work via USB ports.

6. Print Over Mobile

We’ve seen how lucrative advertising digitally can be, especially on mobile, but advertisers are still slow at getting the picture. US advertisers only spend 7 cents per US adult per hour on mobile as opposed to almost $1 per adult for print ads.

7. Nexus 8 Rumor

Another day, another Nexus 8 rumor. This time it’s an 8 inch Nexus tablet from HTC, not Asus, and it may be sold next to a 7 inch alternative. Also, look for it sometime in Q3.

8. RIP Nokia

This one really slipped up the radar, but it’s easy to see why: acquired former giant Nokia will now be known as Microsoft Mobile. When it happens is up for speculation, but it looks inevitable at this point. Let’s all take a minute and remember our classic fallen comrades.

9. Galaxy S5 Mini

Lots of rumors about the S4 Mini follow-up, but the most recent is the most intriguing: a weather resistant body. On top of that there’s a 4.5 super AMOLED HD display, 1.5GB of RAM, and 4.4 KitKat.

10. Android TV

Remember Google TV? Probably not, but Google does, and they don’t want Android TV to become another black mark on their record. So this time they’re aiming a little lower, which could actually help the new concept sell well.

Did we miss  anything? Share your mobile news in the comments!

Handset Detection Heartbleed Update

heartbleedThis week researchers discovered a problem in OpenSSL, a technology that powers encryption in 66% of web sites. Its known as the “OpenSSL Heartbleed Flaw.” At Handset Detection we make use of OpenSSL to secure our website. We have no reason to believe that we’ve been improperly accessed due to this vulnerability, however as a matter of best practice, we recommend that all customers reset their passwords.

To reset your password, here’s what to do:

1. Login

2. Select ‘Change Settings’ from the drop down menu (top right)

3. Click ‘Change Password’.

4. Complete the form and press ‘Change my password’. Thats it!

If you have further questions or any problems contact us at anytime.

More info about Heartbleed:

Wikipedia Page

Helpful XKCD Comic

Mobile Breaking News You May Have Missed, March 2014

What You Might Have Missed in Mobile This Month


Giant acquisitions, new products, captivating surveys – it’s an action packed mobile breaking news this month! Of course the Oculus is arguably the biggest story, but there are plenty of other stories to cover, so let’s get started. Here’s all the mobile news you might’ve missed in March.

1. Oculus and Facebook

Easily the biggest news of the month: Facebook acquires Oculus for $2 billion (with a b!) dollars. While it could be a unique direction to take the social media giant, initial investors who funded the project on Kickstarter were not exactly thrilled.

2. HTC One

The HTC One hit the market, but the biggest draw of the One M8 is its unique duo camera setup. It’s also got a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor & 2GB of RAM.

3. Xiaomi’s next-gen

Will Xiaomi be the next big thing in mobile worldwide? The follow-up to its landmark Redmi, the budget phone with lots of power behind it, might just show why that could be the case.

4. Millenials Giving Away Info

Think the old folks are the ones getting duped on the phone? Turns out it’s millennials who are willingly giving away their cell phone number with marketers, as well as their address, social media profile (by a long shot), and credit scores!

5. Blackphone is the Future of Mobile Security

If you’re concerned with spying eyes seeing all your mobile phone activity, then the Blackphone and its friends may be the way to go. In fact, are these secure phones the wave of the future?

6. SMS Dying in Ireland

Interesting story out of Ireland – SMS is dying. There are just too many alternate messaging options for mobile users and they don’t see a reason to use texting. Could other countries follow suit?

7. Windows Phone Winning

Over Blackberry, that is. Apple and Samsung are still way ahead, but Windows Phone is gaining ground over the increasingly unfortunate former mobile giant.

8. Knock Code

LG, G2, and G Flex phones are getting the fancy new Knock Code “wake and unlock” feature. Similar to the pattern unlock, it lets you unlock the phone by “knocking” on a pattern. It might seem silly, but it could be a fast way to let users everywhere open phones quickly.

9. Verizon Lets You Buy Rollover Data

Rather than buy rollover minutes, now Verizon lets you purchase data in much the same way. Strange, sure, but it could be a good way to go if you’re not particularly tied to your plan, just want to check them out, or otherwise afraid of commitment.

10. Apple Patents Smudge-Resistant Coating

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your phone without wiping it down every day? Seems you may be able to do that soon with Apple products, at least according to a recent patent. The smudge-resistant coating would be on sapphire glass using oleophobic coating.

Did we miss  anything? Share your mobile news in the comments!

Mobile Breaking News You May Have Missed, February 2014

What You Might Have Missed in Mobile This Month

Acquisitions, new devices, and federal rulings – it’s a slam-packed version of our mobile breaking news you may have missed wrap-up! Considering all the potential news listed below, March could be even bigger, so make sure to catch up with everything before the month gets too far in. What do you think was the biggest mobile story in February?

1. Kill Switch

Could there be a federal “kill switch” coming to phones everywhere soon? After California enacted a bill to put such a thing into place, a federal bill followed suit. The idea is to prevent hacking and theft of smartphones, but some argue it would do exactly the opposite plus cause massive security issues with the government.

2. Facebook Buying WhatsApp

Pretty much everybody in the world saw the news about Facebook buying WhatsApp, even if it was just to gawk at the seemingly ridiculous $19 BILLION pricetag. But why exactly did they buy the company – what’s behind the acquisition? This blog should give you a better idea.

3. Time Warner and Comcast Join Forces

Another big acquisition story was Comcast snatching up Time Warner, giving Internet lovers everywhere the shivers what it might mean for their web speed. Are they actually in danger of becoming a monopoly, though?

4. Americans Loves Smartphones

Not exactly groundbreaking news, but the fact that 2/3 of the nation now have smartphones is a big deal. Nielsen reports that in 2013 the number jumped to 65%, up from 44% in 2011. That’s a huge hump in not that long of a time.

5. Gionee’s Super Thin Phone

Don’t want to be known as the company that has phones with the best battery, camera, signal strength, or other useful features? Gionee decided to make a phone with the thinnest case in the world, measuring at 5.5mm. They do claim the battery life is just as strong as its thicker brethren.

6. Galaxy S5

Android lovers have been waiting for the next Galaxy to arrive, and it’s almost here. So what do we have to look forward to? Besides being super fast, the two biggest differences are the water & dust resistance and the fingerprint scanner & heartrate monitor. Looks like another hit!

7. HTC One Coming March 25th

Another phone we’re excited about is the HTC follow-up to the One, codenamed M8 for now. The launch event is scheduled for late March. Some leaks have hit the web but no firm idea what we should expect.

8. Online Video Streaming Getting Throttled

Noticed your Youtube videos and Netflix have been a little sluggish lately? There’s probably a reason for that, and we’re now finally understanding what’s going on. Network fights over online video content are increasing and content providers are doing whatever it takes to win the competition – which may include squashing the content you receive.

9. Free Internet with Opera

Hey, we like free things! Opera launched a free version of its Web Pass platform with the only catch being you have to watch an ad before each session. If this takes off (and is profitable for them), we wouldn’t be surprised to see other companies giving this format a shot.

10. Scentee Released Worldwide

Finally! What’s Scentee you ask? Geez, where have you been? It’s only the best app/add-on ever: it allows you to “send” scents to your friends and family through your phone. There are plug-ins for coffee, rose, and many others. It’s completely ridiculous and now you can get one for your very own!

Mobile Breaking News You May Have Missed, January 2014

What You Might Have Missed in Mobile This Month

There was a surprising amount of news this month, with companies doing business, reaching agreements, and releasing new products! We also got an in-depth look at what the future of mobile looks like with tons of stats and interesting forecasts on just how important the industry will be in years to come. Let’s take a look 

1. 1 Billion Smartphones Shipped

For the first time ever, one billion smartphones were shipped in the span of one year. This was up 38.4% from 2012’s numbers; also included were phablets, which were up 7% from the year before at 18% of smartphones total.

2. App Store Protest

When trademarked the word “candy” to deny people making candy-themed games, hundreds of independent game-makers uploaded apps to the App Store with “candy” in the title in protest. King has announced they intend on going after each and every one, so this will be interesting to follow.

3. Snapchat Releases Fix

Snapchat users were treated to a scare this month when it was discovered a security breach had released tons of personal info. Snapchat initially was defensive, but finally released a fix and apologizes – although many say the fix isn’t much of one.

4. T-Mobile Does Well

After some bad years…almost a decade in fact, T-Mobile has rebounded with its best quarter by adding 4.4 million customers. They’ve done so by radically changing everything about the company, including getting rid of contracts, offering free data, and other options.

5. Patent Fights Ending

Google and Samsung buried the hatchet by agreeing to a 10 year patent deal. The agreement works out pretty well for both parties – no telling if the Apple vs. Everybody patent skirmishes will end the same way.

6. 5.7 Inch iPhone 6

Speaking of Apple vs. Everybody, the company looks to release a 5.7 inch iPhone 6 to compete with Samsung’s phablets. As Samsung dominates that sub-market, it will be interesting if Apple can manage to break in.

7. Millions of Kids Avoid Getting Grounded for Life

Did your kid buy an app or anything else out of the App Store without your consent? You may have thought it was just a case of “tough luck,” but Apple has now agreed to pay back some of that money. This was due to Apple not doing enough to inform parents how the App Store works, according to the FTC.

8. Yahoo Snatches Up Sparq

Sparq, a company that helps users jump from app to app to discover new content and basically stay on your phone forever, was bought by Yahoo! in January. Sparq was a relatively cheap pick-up for Yahoo! but could lead to some big money later as they decide how to monetize their fanbase.

9. See Through Your Google Glass

Have bad eyes and actually want to use Google Glass? You’re in luck – Google is planning on creating the techie eyepieces with actual prescription glass. I can’t wait for the first Google Glass fashion show!

10. LG’s New Smart TV

Will the WebOS be the first Smart TV to make a real impact? Companies keep fiddling with TVs to make them more appealing to users (smart, 3D, etc) but nothing has caught on quite yet. This review seems to indicate the WebOS could be a big deal indeed.

Mobile Breaking News You May Have Missed, December 2013

What You Might Have Missed in Mobile This Month

Time for the last mobile stories wrap-up of 2013! It’s been a crazy year for mobile, and December was no different. In fact, a lot of the stories are about how great mobile has been for businesses and consumers alike. Also, there a lot of “what’s coming around the corner” stories that show what 2014 might look like.

1. Windows 9

Could the next edition of Windows be around the corner? Windows 8 didn’t exactly win over the hearts and minds of new customers or old fans, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Microsoft hurried the next version out.

2. Blackberry has another bad month

While there were several stories of Blackberry not exactly having a great final month of 2013 (abysmal Christmas sales, for one), a story from the beginning of December captured just how bad things have gotten. They literally wrote two letters to their customers to remind them they are “very much alive.” Ouch!

3. Cyber Monday Sales

The numbers for Cyber Monday came in shortly after the event, and it’s not entirely a surprise that 2013’s edition was another blockbuster. Sales were way up and it seems that mobile played a huge part in helping to break records.

4. Phablets Big in 2014?

Bob O’Donnell, founder of Technalysis Research, seems to think the phablet will overtake traditional small tablets in the new year. Considering they’re a huge hit over a growing number of countries, especially South Korea, it’s not a far-fetched idea.

5. New Features Coming to Galaxy S5

While the S5 didn’t perform as expected, some new features coming out may change that. The quad HD display is ok, but reports of an eye scanner for extra security adds a much more interesting wrinkle.

6. Real Live Buttons

Remember phones that had actual buttons you could press for Menu, Back and the like? Those were the days. Well you can now relive them with the low-end Galaxy Core Advance.

7. Amazon Acquires Gopago

Amazon quietly made another acquisition in December: Gopago, an app that allows customers to pre-pay for goods before picking them up at the store. Not only that, but could this be part of Amazon’s secret “ambitious” new project?

8. Thanksgiving Apps

Thanksgiving sales were up this year, partially due to mobile – and it also turns out Americans also opened more apps than ever before. Over 1.3 billion were opened, a more than 2/3 jump over 2012.

9. Lumia 1320 Lands in China First

Showing the growing Chinese market for companies, Nokia has decided to release the Lumia 1320 in China first. The budget phone will soon also land in Hong Kong, Singapore, and other countries, yet no word about the US yet.

10. Smartphones in 2014

The smartphone war is just going to pick up like crazy in 2014. So what should smartphone companies focus on if they hope to make any ground on competitors? In short: playing with the accepted shape, form, and design.

Did we miss any big news from December? Let us know in the comments!

Mobile Breaking News You May Have Missed, November 2013

What You Might Have Missed in Mobile This Month

What a crazy month! Some companies are doing well (Apple) while some are pretty much toast (Blackberry). Some companies are suing (Microsoft) while others are getting sued (um…Microsoft). We’ve got Terminators, Wi-Fi turning into electricity, and execs actually admitting faults – clearly, November has been a riotous one.

1. Become a Google Glass Explorer

Well, it’s that time – time to get in (virtual) line to become a Google Glass Explorer! Sign up and as soon as a spot is available (and you have a cool $1,500 extra for the entry fee) you’re welcome to step into the future. Just remember: try not to drive with them just yet.

2. LG G Flex is Basically a Terminator

Uh oh, you just got a nasty scratch on your smartphone. It’s done for, right? Well, not if you have the G Flex, as it’s pretty much the T-1000 from Terminator 2 and can heal itself. It doesn’t work perfectly, as detailed in the blog post, but it’s still a really cool feature that will hopefully improve.

3. More Lawsuits

The patent wars continue – this time with Microsoft suing Acacia over broken contracts and patent infringement. The lawsuit is actually a countersuit from Microsoft after they were sued by Acacia subsidiaries back in October…ugh, I have a headache. We’ll just wait and see.

4. Wi-Fi Signals Turned Into Electricity

You live in the future and you’re tired of your battery in your smartphone dying all the time. Actually, wait, you’re not, because your battery doesn’t die anymore since the tech for turning wi-fi signals into electricity was developed way back in 2013! You laugh, get in your teleporting space car, and go to work inside of a black hole or something.

5. Verizon Admits a Problem

Somewhat surprising for a wireless carrier company, Verizon acknowledged their customer complaints that signals are weak in bigger cities due to capacity constraints. They’ve invested $500 million in infrastructure, so at least they’re taking strides to fix it.

6. Coin Doing Well

Have you heard of Coin? If not, you will; it’s a Bluetooth enabled swipeable that allows you to store multiple cards (credit, debit, loyalty, etc) so there’s no more searching through your wallet. They’ve recently boosted availability and added new security features. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is a really big deal in 2014.

7. Apple Stores to Offer 5S & 5C Screens

If you have an iPhone 5S or 5C you know that small problems could mean a totally new phone for you since repairs weren’t “ready” yet at stores. That’s all set to change, including repairs like replacing screens.

8. Apple Leads, Samsung Nibbling at their Heels

With two new iPhone models out on the market, Apple has a large chunk of the US mobile market this month at just over 40%. However, Samsung was no slouch, gaining almost 25% stake in US mobile devices. The numbers after the holidays should be really interesting.

9. U-Verse Dropping Xbox 360 Support

Do you use your Xbox 360 to watch cable through U-Verse? Not anymore you don’t, at least at the beginning of the year. As of January 1st the feature will be gone and you’ll be forced to get a conventional box.

10. Get a Z10 for a Song and a Smile

If you were waiting for the price to drop even more on the Z10, your wait is over. If you wait any longer, Blackberry will have to start paying you to take it off their hands. That’s because the Z10 is free on Verizon and 49 cents on AT&T. Not sure which is worse, actually.

Did we miss any big news from October? Let us know in the comments!