Handset Detection Community Edition

Handset Detection Community Edition

Today we’re really excited to announce our API v4 Community Edition. Hooray !

Our Community Edition is a free, high performance, server side device detection solution which provides a slightly reduced device schema and the full suite of patterns for detecting platforms, browsers and apps.

Community Edition device specs include the following fields :

  • general_vendor
  • general_model
  • general_platform
  • general_platform_version
  • general_browser
  • general_browser_version
  • general_app
  • general_app_version
  • general_app_category
  • display_x
  • display_y
  • benchmark_min
  • benchmark_max
  • display_pixel_ratio
  • display_css_screen_sizes

For reference : compare it to the Full Schema. Other fields are defined however their values are empty.

All API kits have been updated with convenience methods for downloading and installing the Community Edition. See your API kit of choice at our GitHub repo.

Documentation is available at our documentation hub.

By Richard Uren | July 2, 2016

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