9 Things You May Have Missed in Mobile this Week, 7/19/12

9 Things You May Have Missed in Mobile this Week, 7/19/12

1. Smartphones Over PC in China

 According to the Chinese government, smartphones are now the most popular device for surfing on the Internet, eclipsing personal computers! It’s a tenuous hold, as 388 million smartphones were surfing as opposed to 380 million computers; but still, what a stat!

2. AT&T Launches Shared Data Plans

Instead of shared minutes or shared text messages, now you can share data plans with your friends and family, at least on AT&T. This is just the first step in their plans for the future in simplifying their service for customers. Is AT&T winning the wireless service wars?

3. Smart Homes

Remember those old cartoons about the “home of the future?” Well it looks like they’re finally coming true, at least if Lowe’s can help it. The retailer giant is now selling their home service Iris online which includes security kits, energy kits, and other devices to make you feel like you live on the bridge in Star Trek.

4. More iPhone Rumors

Rumors abound about the next generation of iPhone, and the latest involves the screen. Namely it’s much slimmer as it integrates touch sensors into the LCD. This could mean a lot for weight and comfort of use.

5. Nokia in Trouble

Nokia’s been trying to come back but it just does not seem to be working. They recently released numbers that showed sales of just over 10 million, with only 600,000 phones selling in the US market. They’ve suffered a loss of $1 billion dollars and things are looking grim…

6. Nokia Not in Trouble

…but they also promise changes in the future! Supposedly on September 7th we’re going to see “something amazing” from Nokia. Hard to tell what it is, but their partnership with Microsoft may have something to do with it. Here’s hoping!

7. RIM Applies for Patent on…Emotion?

Are you usually stressed or nervous while surfing the web or playing a game on your Blackberry? In the future you’ll be able to convey that through your text messages as RIM is seeking a patent on emotional message detection. Finally, conveying sarcasm might actually be possible!

8. Google Acquisition of Motorola 

Google announced the deal for Motorola went through for $12.5 billion dollars. The big question is if this deal will eventually take down (or at least chip away at) the giant known as Apple, since Motorola holds several patents which could prove useful.

9. Mobile TV Future Murky 

Another sad story comes from the mobile TV world as consumers just don’t seem to be taking to the service like previously thought. The main resistance seems to come from not wanting to go to the trouble of switching providers in order to have access to the service.

Do we miss your big mobile story this week? Let us know in the comments!

By Jenn Dunn | July 20, 2012

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