10 Things You May Have Missed in Mobile this Week

Once in a while a blog or media outlet will post a little blurb about this newfangled “mobile technology” stuff. We kid! There are hundreds of important, interesting, fun and just plain cool mobile stories out there every day. Since mobile is our wheelhouse at Handset Detection, we thought we’d make it a point to round up the ones you don’t want to miss. Check back every Friday for the weekly roundup!

1. Amazon to Release Smartphone

Since the Kindle Fire was a fairly successful experiment in the tablet industry, Amazon has gone after the mobile arena with the announcement of a smartphone in works. The fight is fiercer in the mobile sector, though, and Amazon may have a tough time breaking in.

2. Phone Surveillance Request Numbers

We generally hear when a carrier reveals sensitive customer information to a government agency (or do we?). But how often are they asked to hand over that info? Congressman Edward Markey wanted to know, and the numbers he got as an answer may shock and horrify you.

3. Pay Phones into Hotspots

What a great idea: New York City wanted to do something with their now useless pay phones, so they’re turning them into free wi-fi  hotspots. There will be 10 locations in various areas of NYC and they’ll have a range of roughly 200 feet. 

4. Is this the 2012 iPhone?

A picture of the new iPhone has possibly leaked, and boy is it…tall! Way more screen means a better view and more room to work with apps. But if it the 4S barely fits in your pocket now, better hold onto it for a while or invest in new pants.

5. A Purely Gaming Smartphone

Pretty much all smartphones have some sort of games available to them, but ZTE is releasing a smartphone that’s all about gaming, much like Sony’s Xperia Play released last year. ZTE’s gaming smartphone will likely have a tough time with consumers like the Play did, though. In any case, look for it on July 18th.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note Due in August…Maybe 

Well, July 11th has come and gone, and still no Galaxy Note smartphone. Now the “super-sized” phone might be released in August. No reason was given for the delay, which is especially strange since the phone has been approved by the FCC and accessories are already available.

7. Rovio Releases Angry Bi…Wait, a New Game?

Instead of launching the angry birds into a new dimension or whatever (where do you go after launching them into bloody space?), Rovio has finally launched a 100% brand new game called Amazing Alex. Will it be as big of a deal on the mobile/tablet market as those irritated fowl were?

8. Starbucks Extends Mobile Payments

It’s not just for the States anymore – now you can order a slightly overpriced cup of joe with just your smartphone in the UK and Canada. No word if it comes with a shot of espresso… or to Australia, home of Handset Detection.

9. Microsoft + Blackberry = ???

RIM is in pretty serious trouble, so what would the Blackberry look like if Microsoft bought them out? A designer took that idea and ran with it, and the final design isn’t half bad honestly.

10. Smartphone Users Want Security

More than apps, features, and voice recognition, what do smartphone users want? Security, at least according to a poll by Snap MyLife. An overwhelming 76% of users said they value their privacy over everything else. Is this a marketing angle missed by the phone makers?

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