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Handset Detection makes it easy for you to work with tens of thousands of mobile devices. Getting started is super easy and just takes a few minutes.
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For Campaigns

We make it easy to track, optimize and grow your mobile campaigns.

  • Seamless landing page redirection
  • Real time Analytics (now with Map View !)
  • Over 17,000 devices (millions of device combinations)
  • Globally located servers for fast performance

We’ve designed our tracking and redirection solution specifically for app store landing pages, mobile campaign landing page and mobile website redirection. Click below to learn more.

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For Device Fingerprinting

Build your own Analytics or AdTech applications with our device fingerprinting system.

  • Continual Updates
  • GEO located servers for fast performance
  • 17,000+ devices, Millions of device combinations
  • Web Service or Self Hosted options

Rolling your own custom solution and need to identify handsets, tablets, TVs and more ? This is the option for you. Its high performance with accurate results. Click below to learn more.

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A few of our happy customers

You see, it’s amazing customer service like this that makes me want to give you as much business as possible.

Steven Varjabedian
Triple Frog LLC

The service I’ve received from Richard and the Handset Detection team has exceeded every expectation.

Ryan Tomberlin
RST Media Management

I am astonished at your level of service. I will make sure I mention that when I refer people to you.

Mary Ellen Slater

Awesome, Richard. Thanks for the generosity, and for the excellent service.

Peter Chen

Brand Customers

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