Awesome Handset and Tablet Detection

Handset Detection makes it easy to detect thousands of mobile devices, redirect mobile visitors to your mobile site and understand your mobile audience.


Be up and running in 5 minutes with express detection. Its as easy as copy and paste. Optionally configure redirection rules for devices, device classes, vendors, screen size, you name it. Backed up by awesome mobile analytics and super helpful support.

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Looking to integrate a little deeper ? Then tap into our detection API. We have pre made API Kits in a variety of languages to choose from. Like express, cloud comes with awesome mobile analytics and super helpful support.

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Need to run the whole box and dice on your own servers ? Then Ultimate Detection is for you. Ultimate uses the same API Kits as cloud with a few local datafiles. There is no database dependency and everything runs completely in memory so its super fast.

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Happy Customers

I am astonished at your level of service. I will make sure I mention that when I refer people to you.

- Mary Ellen Slater

You see, it's amazing customer service like this that makes me want to give you as much business as possible.

- Steven Varjabedian
Triple Frog LLC

Awesome, Richard. Thanks for the generosity, and for the excellent service.

- Peter Chen

I had chance to test out your mobile redirect application and your product is amazing! Brilliant work! I'll be recommending it to my clients.

- Derrick Freeman, Instructor
Freeman Compression Inc.